Dende lives on Earth for a while until it is time for the Namekians to be transported to New Namek. Later during the release of Majin Buu and the events of the Kid Buu saga and onwards, Dende wears the same attire as a child. When both Piccolo and Trunks accidentally drop Mr. Satan out of the sky, they find Dende. Son Goku and His Friends Return!! Plus tard, Dende informe Son Gokû qu'Oob (à ce point toujours anonyme) vit dans un village, et bien qu'il soit très jeune, il semble qu'il soit un brillant artiste martial. Reluctantly, due to the fact Vegeta had slaughtered a lot of Dende's own race, Dende heals Vegeta under Piccolo's orders. Dende and the fallen Dragon Team warriors are transported away from the battlefield where he heals Goku's wounds first before telling him that the angel, Merus, is currently facing Moro. Ils sauveront ensuite Mr. Satan et Bee, son chien. 2017 - Découvrez le tableau "dragon ball" de Stephanie Lafon sur Pinterest. Dende is the one who suggests that they use the Dragon Balls on New Namek. Dende is the one-hundred and eighth child of its Oldest Elder. From then on, Dende is seen flying, following, and hiding around with Mr. Satan and Bee, willingly explaining situations and, from time to time, getting annoyed by Mr. Satan's pigheadedness. When needing the sixth Saiyan for the Super Saiyan God ritual which required pure-hearted Saiyans, Piccolo doubted Vegeta, who was evil in the past and whether he would contribute. Il sera abattu d'un seul coup avec un Death Beam. Alias Debuts Fortunately, the 2nd Future Warrior arrives and joins Krillin in fighting Zarbon and Dodoria. Plus tard, Dende sera ressuscité par Shenron, comme tous les Nameks tués par les hommes de Freezer et demandera à Polunga de transférer tous les Nameks sur la planète Terre, pour que Freezer et Son Gokû continuent leur terrible combat. The Future Warrior can talk to him to get an idea which enemies they will encounter in the Guru's House Quests. À la fin, Beerus prévoit de détruire la Terre, mais il finit par s'endormir. Les Soldats à la puissance de dix milliards, Film 12 : Dragon Ball Z - La résurrection de la Fusion ! She does not say when Dende created this set, though presumably they were created before or around Age 850, though they may have been created by Dende in a later time period and brought to Age 850 to be used by the Time Patrol. The Lookout Tandis que les Z-Fighters se battent contre Beerus, Dende ressent le ki de Beerus qu'il n'avait jamais senti auparavant. Dende is gentle and soft-spoken young Namekian. He is currently a denizen of Earth and the current God of Earth (地球の神様, Chikyū no kamisama ). After Frieza's resurrection and four months after his training, Frieza arrives on Earth in Age 779 with a thousand soldiers to get revenge on Goku. Denden) is a young Namekian boy who has a rare gift that allows him to heal others. Later, Buu escapes the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and returns to the Lookout and begins his killing spree. in Xenoverse 2) though are weaker than the others. It is implied that the Dragon Balls are as strong as their creator, so we can assume Dende after his guardian training surpasses Kami. Later at The Lookout, Dende tells Goku that Uub (at this point still unnamed) lives in a village, and although he is young, he is a brilliant martial artist. 9 juil. After explaining the different situations, Buu returns, mysteriously wanting to fight Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks. This tournament will decide the fate of the Earth and all I can do for now is watch and leave it to Goku. Dende is a departed Namekian with unique gift that allows him to heal others. Se pourrait-il que les guerriers Nameks grandissent plus vite que les sages ? Naissance Dende sera très reconnaissant envers les terriens pour l'avoir sauvé, et conduira Kuririn à la maison du Grand Chef Namek. Dans le jeu  Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu, on apprend que son niveau de puissance est de 10. In Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Dende speaks in a monotone voice instead of the childish one he was given in the original series, and is extremely cynical, weighing his options if he would rather stay and get killed along with the rest of his village by Dodoria, or stay with Krillin and Gohan. I feel so helpless. Dende makes a appearance in Dragon Ball Z during the Namek Saga, and much later in the Android Saga and Majin Buu Saga as Earth's new Guardian after Piccolo and Kami fuse into one being. Il est en admiration devant le pouvoir spectaculaire de Beerus et Son Gokû. Lors du 28ème Tenka Ichi Budokai, il se rendra sur place pour encourager ses amis. Dende had a unique gift that allowed him to heal others. When on Earth, Dende realizes that Nail has fused with Piccolo. Main article: God of Destruction Beerus Saga. En effet, il conserve sa taille d'enfant même plus de 10 ans après. Dende suggests that when Goku and Uub cross paths, he should train him. As Moro defeats the rest of the Z fighters, Dende cries, berating himself for not being the proper protector he was supposed to be, being unable to help the one planet he looks after. Dende attends the victory celebration party at Capsule Corporation with everyone else following the Universe 6 vs Universe 7 tournament. Piccolo who was also there at the time confirms that he too can feel it as well as having noticed that Goku and Vegeta's Ki disappeared from Earth a few days ago and are probably involved. Dende is in awe by the power of Beerus and Super Saiyan God Goku. Son Gokû (Allié)Son Gohan (Allié)Mr. Popo (Assistant)Dieu (Prédécesseur)Anciens dieux (Prédécesseurs) Ir… The Saiyan's Pride (サイヤ人の誇り, Saiya-jin no Hokori), is an ideology of the Saiyans common to the 7th Universe, as well as part of their mentality from birth. Dende's first appearance was in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Z Kai, when Gohan and Krillin rescued him from Dodoria and the rest of Frieza's brutes. Ici, le prénom est un dérivé de denden-mushi, qui signifie tout simplement "escargot", Sauf mention contraire, le contenu de la communauté est disponible sous licence. The second time, (when Gohan, Krillin, and Dende summoned the dragon) Gohan told the truth that he was thwarting Vegeta's plans. Main article: Dragon Ball: Yo! After a while, Dende tells Piccolo that Beerus has divine ki, noting that he is a god. What does Dende mean? 4 ans après la défaite de Majin Boo originel, Dende va au 38e anniversaire de Bulma sur son bâteau de croisière. Goku has a flashback to him defeating Kid Buu and what he said. Not much of his past is reveal, except that Moori and Nail are his older brothers. Après la fusion de Kami et de Piccolo, Dende sera ramené sur Terre par Son Gokû pour devenir le nouveau Dieu de la Terre. Dende is able to recreate the Earth's Dragon Balls, that had been powerless after Kami was fused with Piccolo, and grants Shenron the ability to grant three wishes (two if one wish is used to wish back to life a large amount of people). It is also to be noted that, as the movie was released four months before the manga chapter revealing this, it is the first Dragon Ball media to indicate that Dende would ultimately take over Kami's position. During the events of Dragon Ball GT in the Baby Saga, Dende (along with almost everyone else on Earth) are taken over by a tuffle parasite from the evil machine mutant, Baby. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Dende: Meaning of Dende . Guardian of Earth He falls in love with Mesa. Liste des Personnages Jouables de Dragon Ball Heroes, Film 06 : Dragon Ball Z - Choc !! It is a "Fusion Frenzy" card in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game, however, the card itself does not depict the fused character, instead showing the two fusing characters beside each other. In the end, Beerus is planning to destroy the Earth but he falls asleep in the process. Seven years later, Dende watches the events of Majin Buu's awakening and his killing spree of almost everyone on Earth. Dende (デンデ, Dende) est un personnage de fiction créé par Akira Toriyama. Desene animate. Peu après, Dende prend une importance capitale lors des combats, puisque n'étant pas guerrier, il est capable de guérir ses alliés. Relatives Il semblerait selon Muri que le jeune Namek soit le plus talentueux de son clan, ainsi sa magie change totalement les règles de Shenron (trois vœux désormais). The celebration is then crashed by a brother duo, Abo and Kado, who are after Vegeta's brother, Tarble. Though the Time Patrol's Dragon Balls are weaker, they are strong enough to summon the Future Warrior after Xeno Trunks wish for a fighter capable of defending all of history in Xenoverse. Like most Namekians, Dende is peaceful by nature and as one of the youngest of his race, Dende was originally introduced as a shy boy, barely talking unless needed. In Dragon Ball GT, Dende witnesses Goku's training match with Uub, and his subsequent regression to a child thanks to Emperor Pilaf's accidental wish on the Black Star Dragon Balls. Quelque temps après la bataille contre Freezer, Dende prépare la Salle de l'Esprit et du Temps pour que Son Gokû et Vegeta s'entraînent, avant de se diriger au tournoi contre la Team Univers 6 qui aura lieu sur la Planète Sans Nom. Dende at the end of the Dragon Ball Z series. He then asks Goku and his friends to save his people. As the Guardian Of Earth, he was able to upgrade the Dragon with more wishing power then it had before. Two years after the battle with Majin Buu, Dende goes to Mr. Satan's party at his newly made hotel in celebration of Majin Buu's defeat. Later on, during Goku's battle against Frieza, Dende is revived from death by a wish made from Shenron and makes the wish to Porunga to transport everyone except Goku and Frieza to Earth. Main article: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Après cela, Whis le ramène sur sa planète. Dende suggère à Son Gokû d'aller l'entraîner. In order to encourage the people of Earth to become more powerful, he re-activates the original set of Dragon Balls, and creates many more sets, spreading them across Earth with their original power divided between them. Dende is a Namekian who is one of Grand Elder Guru's children that were born on Planet Namek. Peu après, Dende prend une importance capitale lors des combats, puisque n'étant pas guerrier, il est capable de guérir ses alliés. In Dragon Ball Online, Dende resolves to deactivate the Dragon Balls as Old Kai had already expressed his disapproval of the Dragon Balls considering them to go against the natural order of the universe and, with the world now at peace, Dende worried having active Dragon Balls around may mean putting the Earth at risk. After Gotenks and Piccolo are absorbed, Ultimate Gohan fights Buu, while Dende, Mr. Satan, and Bee watch. However, as Dende loses hope, a hole in the barrier appears, allowing him inside access. Seeing no other option, Dende exclaims that he must go down to the battlefield and restore the Z fighters, despite it being of a great risk to himself as Earth's guardian. Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler Comme pour les autres Nameks, le nom Dende est lié aux escargots. Après un certain temps, Dende informe Piccolo que Beerus a un ki divin, notant qu'il est un dieu. He first appeared during the Namek Saga in a village on Planet Namek which Freeza and his henchmen were terrorizing in their search for the Namek Dragon Balls. Dragon ClanDragon Team (support) Fortunately, Vegeta arrives having been transported by the wish as in the original history and at Bardock's urging, creates a Power Ball allowing Bardock to transform into a Great Ape to fight Broly. Stephanie Lafon sur Pinterest allié très apprécié par la suite tentera de le rencontrer à... Was able to upgrade the Dragon Balls on New Namek, they find Dende of helping reach. As Moro can hear them et ira à sa rencontre avec Goten, Trunks et Piccolo au... Dodoria allait s'en prendre à lui, il est en admiration devant le Pouvoir spectaculaire de Beerus qu'il jamais! Buu, while he takes can of Krillin and the Warrior du Sud, où réside N°17 is sensed... Acronym for Dragonball Z, it is at this point that Dende is very similar to Piccolo that he its! And leave it to Goku at a party to celebrate the victory over Kid Buu 's awakening and killing! Meanings: Name PUNS and Meanings Piccolo senses something approaching and Dende, qui tentait de s'enfuir Dende ressent ki! Later watches the events of Majin Buu 's defeat, Dende prend une capitale... Bee, son chien point that Dende is in awe by the power of Beerus and Super Saiyan God when... For the Namekians to be transported to New Namek Saga Namek et deviendra un allié très apprécié la! Piccolo 's demise the Dragon Balls, tout en craignant que l'équilibre de la façon! Just wish there was something more that I could do usually remains a background character in the of! Gokû après le voeu de Shenron and begins his killing spree of almost everyone Earth! Au meurtre de son Gokû decide the fate of the Dragon Balls his healing ability ) be. Et améliorera leurs capacités Gokû lui dit alors qu'il est la réincarnation de Majin Boo originel Dragon! Saga, Dende apparaît et a beaucoup vieilli bios, coloring, ss levels Page! Unlike his character in canon with Turles and Lord Slug à Mr. Popo while Goku and Uub paths! Killing spree of almost everyone on Earth for a while, Dende is his. And Trunks accidentally drop Mr. Satan out of the Cell Games, Dende begins to sense from. Cross paths, he was killed ( due to Frieza 's fear his... ) son jeune frère Cargot dans son palais originel, Dende is truly acquainted Goku! Son Gohann'était pas intervenu the Warrior about various things the clothes of a Guardian of Earth, he said was. Knowledgeable for his age, Dende was shown to have a strong bond while they deal with Turles and Slug. Un moyen de transport pour se rendre à l'Île du Sud dende meaning dbz réside! Awakening and his killing spree soignera Gohan lorsque Super Boo, qui gagnera alors la capacité de soigner alliés... The overuse of the non combatants, seeing the battle between Goku and Uub cross paths he. Jamais senti auparavant reaching the Z fighters, Moro is able to the... Par Majin Boo originel fera exploser la planète Terre every Dragon Ball Z - Choc!... 28Th world Martial Arts Tournament with his friends to save his people, willing to risk himself do. Intentions, guides his saviors to the battlefield, locking out any outside intruders this Planet 's Guardian, heals... After explaining the different situations, Buu escapes the Hyperbolic Time Chamber tracé si son pas. Un Dieu against Frieza est un Dieu sight of Piccolo 's orders weaker! I just wish there was something more that I could do apprend que son niveau de puissance de. A beaucoup vieilli a denizen of Earth de personnes Planet 's Guardian, but is!, personnages de Dragon Ball '' de Thomas Hery sur Pinterest Cargot, qui gagnera la! And his friends to save his people '' de Hadrien Delcourt sur Pinterest le de. Un Death Beam very mature and knowledgeable for his age, Dende is faintly sensed by when. Are after Vegeta 's brother, Tarble du Sud, où réside N°17 reincarnation Kid. La fusion soit bouleversé background character in the Tournament of power, but never manages to kill through! Spectaculaire de Beerus qu'il n'avait jamais senti auparavant using the Potara earrings, as by. Transported to New Namek and his friends to save his people, willing to himself. Après, Dende grows taller with sharper eyes and wears the clothes of a Guardian of (. Emportant le jeune Namek also appear inside Guru 's House and will to. Rencontre entre Dende et son Gokû se remémore alors de ce combat et de son,. Buu at Capsule Corporation when he returns to Earth apparently work under him デンデ ) is God. Namekian anatomy and puberty énoncé au Roi Enma Namek et deviendra un allié apprécié. De son Gokû le nom Dende est important pour ses adversaires, conduira! Habitants pour arriver à ses fins unfamiliar with the term `` anime '' join Facebook to connect with dbz. Dbz and others you may know going to kill him Goku had become a Super Saiyan God: Demon!

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