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"I'm so happy with the windows my wife and I had installed in our home. Not only does our house look much better, our energy bill is 40% less and the value of our home has increased as well!" Tyler C., Glassboro, NJ

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A Quality Kitchen Remodeling Company

Kitchen remodeling is the most popular remodeling project for homeowners. Whether you are updating, re-facing or completely renovating, your new kitchen will add value to your home while enhancing your comfort and enjoyment. At J.M. Grove, we make the design and installation process easy and fun. Our knowledgeable professionals will guide you through the kitchen renovation process and offer the most trusted brands in the industry with a reputation for durability and beauty so you can enjoy your kitchen for many years to come. Build off of our knowledge, start customizing a kitchen as unique as your home.

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Kitchen Remodeling Basics

At J.M. Grove we understand a kitchen renovation can be time consuming and over whelming with all the options and different materials available; what is right for your home? Let J.M. Grove make your kitchen remodeling a pleasant experience. Pick from our hand selected collection of kitchen cabinets, sinks & faucets,countertops, flooring and accessories. Every kitchen is different from the next, for best results contact J.M. Grove for a free in home estimate.

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Kitchen Remodeling Design Idea's - One Wall Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodeling companiesIn the one-wall kitchen remodel, all major work zones of the kitchen are arrayed along one wall. Major work zones include the refrigerator, sink, and stove/oven. Minor work zones would include: microwave, trash compactor, dishwater, etc. Advantages of the one-wall kitchen remodel are less expensive, compact design and a good work flow. Limited counter space means cheaper costs, as counters tend to run up kitchen renovationbudgets considerably. A one-wall is the best way to create space in the rest of your kitchen, if needed for a table or other uses and you keep all of your major cooking functions within a few feet of each other. Disadvantages of the one-wall kitchen remodel is the resale values are lower for minimal kitchens simply because homebuyers place such a high premium on the kitchen nowadays. Almost every year, kitchens get more lavish, making it impossible for the one wall design to keep up. Simply put, homeowners demand more.

Corridor Style Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodeling companyThe best kitchen contractor designs tend to center around functionality, a corridor-style kitchen remodel is very popular for its ease of use. There are two types of corridor-style kitchen remodels, walls on both sides and kitchen island or peninsula. When you have a wall on one side and an open space (like a living room) on the other side, you have a kitchen peninsula design. On the open side, a kitchen island or peninsula of cabinets and countertop forms a wall between the kitchen and the open space. The corridor-style kitchen design optimizes kitchen workflow and saves space, but it does have its limitations. The corridor-style kitchen design is often one not of choice but of circumstances: you have a small space to work with. But many homeowners also do choose the corridor-style kitchen simply because they think it best suits their needs. The corridor style kitchen, saves space, minimizes use of expensive countertops, clusters the services (water, electrical, etc.) together, promotes effective kitchen triangle design, and saves you money. The corridor style kitchen design is highly functional because it uses the classic kitchen triangle. This layout gives a bit more space for counters and cabinets, though crowding between the two main work spaces may be a problem. Still, the corridor-style kitchen design is a highly affordable and functional plan.

The L-shape and Double L-shape Kitchen Remodel

Along with the corridor plan, the L-shaped kitchen design plan is very popular, though this plan does away with the crowding problems found in the corridor plan. We still find the kitchen triangle, though the walk from range to refrigerator is longer. This arrangement allows as much--and even a bit more--counter and cabinet space than the L-shaped design. Note that with the increased counter space, a double-sink can be installed. A highly evolved kitchen renovation layout, the double-L allows for two workstations. The smaller "L" has a cooktop (but not an oven) and a second sink. The major cooking operations are focused on this area, while food prep goes on in the larger of the "L" spaces. This larger "L" also has tons of open counter space because the cooktop has been moved away. Note that not much space is gained for cabinets: the smaller "L" has only a short run along the wall for cabinets (though cabinets can be hung off the ceiling above the cooktop, if desired).

U-Shape Kitchen Contractor Remodel

kitchen remodeling companyThe U-shape kitchen contractor remodel plan can be thought of as a corridor-shape plan--but with a closed end. The closed end gives extra room for a range or a sink. This arrangement maintains good workflow by means of the classic kitchen triangle. The closed end also provides plenty of space for extra cabinets. With an efficient working triangle a U-shaped kitchen provides the ideal layout to your kitchen. The spaces between the three elements are properly divided to increase the use of space for cooking and storage. Two people can work together without interfering with each other as plenty of work space is available with the U-shaped kitchen.

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We take pride in our service. From beginning to end, our installs are a worry-free experience.

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We had twelve windows replaced in total. I have to say how thoroughly I was impressed with the team of installers. They worked very efficiently. They were extremely professional, friendly and courteous and I was even surprised by how clean they were, both on the inside and outside of our home. They did an awesome job with everything and I can�t thank everyone enough! Thank you for making this entire window buying and installing process a piece of cake!

JD Perone, King of Prussia, Pa

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