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"I'm so happy with the windows my wife and I had installed in our home. Not only does our house look much better, our energy bill is 40% less and the value of our home has increased as well!" Tyler C., Glassboro, NJ

Design Your Custom Skylights

Installing Quality Skylights the Right Way!

A skylight by J.M. Grove can bring light and beauty into a dark room. A new skylight will quickly become the focus of any room. Skylights from J.M. Grove our of the highest quality and value. All our products are hand picked for exceptional beauty and durability. Installed by professionals who take pride in quality workmanship to insure reliability and longevity. Click on "Start customizing" to begin designing the perfect skylight for your home.


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Advantages of Skylights

Skylights allow natural light to brighten up a dark room. Bring light to places you thought were impossible with a solartube. Control natural sunlight brightness with a switch just like electric lights, but without the cost. Daylight is free, skylights reduce your potential energy costs and the negative impact of power plant emissions on our environment. Use shades or blinds to control how much sunlight you want. Venting skylights reduce the need for air conditioning during the year, and thanks to the chimney effect they create, they improve indoor air quality by removing moisture and odors and will leave your home with a fresh smell. Open and close your skylight with remote controls or manually. Skylights are designed for both within-reach and out-of-reach applications, can transform any room into the best room in the house. Skylights are available in a variety of sizes that will easily integrate into your ceiling and roof construction. Introducing more natural light into your home from one or more skylights will make your rooms feel more spacious, expansive and more beautiful. The increase in natural light can help decrease your overall energy costs. Skylights that open up can also provide ventilation in rooms that may not be well ventilated. You'll be asking yourself why you didn't install skylights years ago.

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Skylight specifics

Skylights can be installed on any roof surface (asphalt, slate, rubber, etc) or any pitch. Skylights are custom made to fit any size preference desired. The shingles are removed from the desired surface and the roof is cut open to fit the skylight. The skylight is carefully installed to insure no water can leak through. Ice and water shield is used as an additional layer of protection to prevent leaks. With energy rates constantly increasing, many homeowners are ensuring that the products they put in their homes be energy efficient. All our skylights meet ENERGY STAR® qualification guidelines and they are 40% more efficient than most national skylight building codes require. This means that our skylights promote energy efficiency and can save you money on your utility bills - all while enhancing the look and beauty of your living spaces.

Skylight Leak Repairand Skylight Glazing/Flashing

If your skylight is leaking, call immediately for a skylight repair. The water damage can cause expensive damages and even mold. The sooner the skylight repair, the less chance of an expensive repair

Skylights Standard in all Velux products, Comfort Glass consists of two panes of tempered safety glass dual-sealed and injected with argon gas. A double layer of our exclusive Low-E coating provides excellent thermal performance. Additional skylight glass options and upgrades can be requested. Ask a J.M. Grove skylight professional to guide you through the installation process and if you need a skylight window glazing upgrade.

Step flashing for your skylight provides a weathertight seal for curb mounted skylights installed on roofs with thin roofing materials such as asphalt or fiberglass shingles, slate, cedar shingles and shakes. EDL step flashing provides a weathertight seal for deck mounted skylights installed on roofs with thin roofing materials such as asphalt or fiberglass shingles, slate, cedar shingles and shakes. Each piece of step flashing is interwoven with a layer of roofing material for proper water drainage. No caulk or sealants are needed for our . Type EDL is designed for roofs with slopes from 15º to 85º.

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The Installation Process

We take pride in our service. From beginning to end, our installs are a worry-free experience.

Customer Testimonials

We wanted to thank you for all of the great workmanship and services that you have provided to us and our home. We want to specifically thank your installer for his hard work, professionalism and attention to making our home functional and safe today and for years to come. We will recommend your services to others for sure. Thanks again.

Caitlin Ream, Conshohocken, Pa

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