Terrible experience. So we added a 2nd coat, still the same, a 3rd coat, still the same. Wash the walls? Painted this weekend and it looks horrible. Never will I buy Valspar paint again! I’ll have to repaint it with Glidden. 1 coat of Behr with primer paint…is all it took. And which one will be non fading? When I first started my project I basically went to whichever store was closer when I remembered I needed paint – so sometimes it was Home Depot, and sometimes it was Lowe’s. , I’m afraid I’m going to have to advise anyone considering a paint job to avoid Valspar paint. A little pricey but they do make a good paint. (Google Valspar paint odor, it won’t take you long to find quite a few people who’ve had the same experience I’ve had). We have always found that to be half the battle at least. Listen to Frank he knows what he’s talking about. Also, I recently read that low VOC primer is no longer low VOC after adding tint (in most cases). I went over them with the Minwax and it solved that problem too. It was pittsburg speed hide ( since found out this is the cheapest contract paint you can get) This was eggshell latex over latex. Hi Sam . Will take your advise and go to Benjamin Moore. How many coats depends on the color and how stingy you are in application. While Behr provided full or almost full coverage with one coat, Valspar looks insane and patchy at one coat. Some paints out there probably are a little overpriced, but the old adage- you get what you pay for- is by and large true. it is the lowest quality of paint that valspar carries besides the spray paint. If painting dark color over light, do invest in the proper primer–it makes all the difference. I’ve read all these blogs and frankly, I’m more confused than ever! It blistered and reblistered and despite trying hard (of course) to NOT have Roller Marks….Yep, gee, I was NOT satisfied on that end of it either. I feel like I broke even. An ex co-workers son painted his bedroom with gold Ralph Lauren paint over white primer. Win-win. If I walk by or into the room I smell paint fumes. Also, I have found that the people who work for Duron are very knowledgable and helpful. I just used Valspar spray laquer from lowes it craceled waste of time and money. What is the best product and brand to use? the reason your paint peeled off the wall I can say with great certainty is because you did not allow the paint to cure (30 days for a latex paint). These people are seasoned pro’s that can help you with preparation. But , most paint manufactures have already cut interior and exterior VOCs to 100 or below. Hopefully, I will like it. it is thin and drippy, the coverage is poor, adhesion is low, and the texture is miserable. I have read over all of your comments and still am confused about the best choices of paint. I had already bought gallon of Behr paint&primer in a different color for the den, but based on the results in the kitchen, I’m going to have to get a gallon of Valpar primer. The cheap ones are cheap for a reason. I just sprayed my kitchen cabinet doors and it got to 95 degrees in our shop. I painted one half of the walls and trim in that bedroom with Wal-Mart’s, and the other half with Behr…and Wal-Mart’s is scrubbed and stays stuck on, while the Behr just wanted to peel off. What about my time. which lasts the longest? The other solution is to run a utility knife along the edge before you take the tape off too, but i find its cleanest to remove it when still wet. The same can be said about Sherwin-Williams paint, I used it 35 years ago and it took 9 coats to cover green walls. I’ve heard that Behr Paint & Primer has more solids in it and that it has better coverage than many other paints. The lighter color again covered evenly in 2 coats. Hey Josh, Right? This makes acrylic paint and acrylic primer exceptional choices for trim work outdoors — as this paint … I am in the health field and see my share of folks who are paying the price for it… some others seem not to be sensitive but I would still like to see us all get smarter about quality of paint and of life. So, Home Depot will soon offer 8 oz samples (for free or low cost) so you can try out the paint first before buying the full can??? Miller Paint (designed for the Northwest) We were able to paint a fairly light color (Using Valspar Signature with an Eddie Bauer color) and probably could have gotten away with one coat, had we been a bit more thorough the first go round (using better lighting, and checking more carefully after our ten year old’s work, which was still great!). I painted it only because I wanted a change of color. We love Farrow and Ball, but at $100 a gallon average, it scares off many of even the most affluent customers. There are even some paints that are made for places like the bath room; that means they will withstamd constant moisture. i have not used the latex enamel. Duron is okay. I would never use Behr again on anything. it’s the best!”. ft. – it “felt” very thin during application and would obviously require 2 or more coats. People, flat colors are more difficult to scrub and glossier sheens are much easier to clean and are tougher and can take more abuse. Ralph Lauren? I’ll be interested to see if you found similar results. Behr is an enamel and it forms a plastic It contains alot of white pigment which helps it cover good over lighter colors or for first time applications. But I can add something else for you to think about. I’m a firm believer that priming (get it tainted if possible) and painting should be a two step process. I need advice on exterior stucco house paint. I placed my decorator items on it, but about a week later when I went to pick them up to dust, the items stuck to the finish. but thankfully lowes refunded all the $ i spent on valspar and let me return the valspar trim paint i decided not to use. I would have done this comparison in products a little more extensive with alot more then one or two products. IMHO, the Valspar was much easier to work with then the Behr but it still took at least two coats. Any suggestions on how to REMOVE Valspar Interior Satin Finish paint (spots) from a little boy’s shirt. While working at the Home depot I did have comments that the Ralph Lauren was thin and some people didnt like it, however I have also had customers say its the best paint they have ever used. ::shrugs:: ALL dark colored paints need at least 2 coats to look correct. Hi Amalie, let me start by appreciating everyone that make a post.am an african and painting is my proffesion here in Nigeria.we all kinds of paints here but the one making waves here is BM.and lately SW.i have used BM and i want to agree with one my friend that said preparation is the most important.good preparation,good job. bear in mind that if you keep the name of the paint, and the line it came from, the paint desk at Home Depot can find it in their computers, years after it was discontinued. Well make sure fist of all that it is a scrubable paint. I’m a Benjamin Moore Aura loyalist (now preferring eggshell over satin). or Behr? When I panted an office Copper Mine (accented by shakepeare tan) the result was gorgeous. It’s the same thing with house paints. Recommended Uses: Use on … for 9.98 a quart, what could you really expect?? I always recomend primer no matter what your painting. Like the doctors say on tv, “give me 10 ml.’s of epi stat! We’ve got plaster walls and I’ve painted all the rooms with one coat using Behr and a very fluffy roller. I plan on trying Benjamin Moore for my next project. If you use a tinted primer than it will make your life a whole lot easier and the Behr will cover in one coat, i know from experience. Painting is all about preperation. Over $30 per gallon is way too expensive, when using primer and an average priced paint like Olympia works much better. A friend recently recommended Benjamin Moore, but they are so expensive. I hear Behr is a pretty choice and for the cost I will try it next time. In 2015 I did this project and I am still having odor issues. I’m getting ready to build our first custom home and my husband is the contractor and loves the valspar paints, he use’s them on his projects. I’m still looking for a good trim paint, and the best one for doors! totally agreed: valspar is the worst paint I have ever used. paint technique = how thick was the one coat? The Spred line now is available this year in no VOC in flat, eggshell and semi-gloss and still is a quality paint at a price point below $30 per gallon. It past three month since , still smell terrible. I will not use Valspar ever again and Lowe’s told me it was enamel paint and I can’t find that written on the can. Because deep colors lack titaniom-oxide (another word for white pigment) and their hide is not one of their better qualities. It is suppose to be matte finish but looks like eggshell to me. When rolling, roll in an up and down pattern rather than the typical “W” or “N.”. NEGATIVE NEGATIVE NEGATIVE. Sears also sells Dutch Boy paint online, while Menards does not. We decided to try valspar. Melissa and I use and love Sherwin William / Duron paints. We have wasted a lot of time and money. I used the Valspar Signature Colors Unique Faux Finish Clear Protector over white Cabinet Rescue paint on a birch plywood cabinet I built. I had an air leak in the room so air change was constant for months. I’ve scrapped the floor with a putty knife and about 1/4 of the paint stripped off down to the original wood, but the rest of the paint seems to have stuck. They did not pull the paint off, but the color on the bottom of the items stuck to the Vaspar Clear Protector. It’s thin, and when painting really dark colors, or over even light colors, you DO need many coats. A good rule of thumb is eggshell paint for walls and semi-gloss paint for trim. Those are all great if you are a cheap contractor ripping people off. I’ve tried all the brands listed in these posts in my previous home, and have had the best results with Benjamin Moore – both interior and exterior. Do your homework, don’t listen to reviews on homedepot.com, and shop locally! Platinum Plus and Forever paint … The local guy knows my environment. I want it done right! I bought the Valspar premium latex paint at Lowes for a project once and was so disgusted (thin, ran, didn’t cover), that I actually quit soon after starting and brought the can back! The exterior paint was put on over an elastomeric primer, and the paint has lasted 7 years in the hot FL sun and hurricanes. Getting ready to repaint with duron and try that. I have to say, I’ve always only painted with Behr paint. I was reading the findings on the Behr paint and I have to strongly dissagree with your results. Also most people dont realize that the ultra lines of paint have mildew resistance in every sheen unlike the regular cheaper option. I was looking for a durable paint and realized one of the reasons my paints fail is what I use to scrub the walls with. Do you agree with the pros and cons? Then, I towel dry wall. The thickness of paints has little to do with its coverage, durability and ability to hide. I think you should run a test trying out the Silkent Touch line for interior and the Acri-Shield line for exterior. My Daughter (23) had her room painted with Valspar interior acrylic latex sam – you’ll find that everyone has a different opinion on paint, so the “right” one can be hard to find. With dark colors, if you apply it thick enough for one coat coverage, it tends to separate and run. Bought a 25.00 gallon of Behr white satin paint to put a fast coat on a bathroom prior to listing house. It was what the Lowe’s salesman recommended to her. I thought it did, initially…but one year later, it just peeled off the walls and the trim. Any ideas? My first and favorite will always be Benjamin Moore. They all suck. Wow! Glidden if budget is an issue. First, if you need it, we have it — all the paint for you home … One gallon (“Lush,” an intense deep green) covered a 13 x 15 bedroom with 10 ft. ceilings (I didn’t paint the ceiling) with paint left over. A fresh coat of paint is one of the fastest ways to make a space look new again, and it’s one of the most popular DIY projects. That was the paint I asked my mom to get after the Behr disappointment only to find that HD didn’t sell it anymore. My husband & I bought a fixer upper and we used Valspar paint through the whole house. hello?? oz – 236 ml.? True Value paint was terrible too. I have used a paste paint remover on jeans before, put it on and let it set for about 10 min. okay i’ve read almost all of these reviews… and I just want to say a couple of things… first and foremost not all paints are created equal… the price of the gallon has a lot to do with what is in the gallon, not necessarily how “proud” the company is of the product… cheaper paint uses cheaper ingredients, which results in poorer performance. He’s treated me right all these years. I can tell you that contrary to popular belief about Behr being the best paint, it is not. I painted our daughter’s room with Valspar from Lowe’s. RALPH LAUREN PAINT IS A PAIN IN THE A$$! The paint never matches the chip color and you need to use several coats in order to cover well. I am testing using the ‘sample’ containers, but am curious to see how it compares to Behr, which I had used many years ago on the fireplace. So the best thing to do is to put one coat of mid to dark gray primer, and two coats of finish and you should be fine. These runs will not go away. Will I have to prime over that?? So there is a definite difference in most if you actually seen at paint roadshows against each other. Reds are notorious for being difficult to finally get to the actual color that matches the color sample. You pay more for a premium paint, but it is really worth the savings in time and energy. I just wanted to clear some things up on this review on Duron products. And who knows, maybe you saved an otter somewhere. Their is a reason contractors use them. It works great. Having tried Benjamin Moore’s Aura in one room, I will never use anything else (and, yes, I gulped at the price–$60 a gallon). When Light hits it I see all of the areas where the paint dried and the next section was started overlapping the previous section. I stripped wallpaper from my bathroom, washed walls, sanded walls, primed walls, and finished with two coats of Benjamin Moore paint in a low gloss finish. I don’t mind going back over a job IF I feel it might look better and I ALWAYS try second coating any job. But not this room, it is not even a big room, less that 12 x 12. so let’s not go there. Long before you bust out your paint brushes and painter's tape, you must browse the paint aisles to choose a color … Don’t even bother painting in extreme heat. I LOVE Behr. I value both labor and time too much to buy this brand again. My opinion is there is too much water in these paints, and it also sucks it up into the walls. In defense of Valspar, I heartily recommend Valspar Optimus and Aspire, both available at Ace Hardware. the coverage is much better, but you have to load the roller more often. I don’t care how many coats it takes, it bonds way better. Both go on well, but the SW’s finish and durability were better. Most of these comments relate to the skill of the painter. Now if they can come up with low VOC paint in more colors that covers in one coat I’ll be really happy. …I am planning to paint my 30 year old kitchen cabinets next week…I have cleaned them with tsp and will sand and prime Monday. That’s interesting that Behr came off the walls, even after months. Second choice is Cashmere paint from Sherwin Williams. I have heard nothing but good things about Benjamin More and the local interior design show “city line” always uses it. It has been over 2 weeks and the paint is not dry. Now, if anyone can solve the sticky/tacky problems of Valspar Clear Protector, I would be in my glory for the simple fact that it is the only varnish that I could ever apply with a foam roller. Then, after reading so many professional painter’s blogs about how much better all other paints were, I decided to go for a different paint brand on my bedroom walls. I’ve done a decent amount of painting over the years connected with Drywall Finishing, etc. The kitchen paint was 14 years old and was still perfect. I now have try and fix this horrible paint… It is worth the extra 15 minute drive to Home Depot to save hours in painting. Oops–previous post cleaning product—Simple Green. My worst paint is definitely the Valspar.. it did not do what I thought it would at all! I always tape everything first, then cut in with a brush about 6-10′ of wall, then go over that with a small brush (knocks down the brush marks and puts a second layer of paint on it), then roll like usual. Montgomery Wards pulled a fast one with their high quality 75-1 super house paint. Meanwhile, in trying to do my kitchen with Behr, I’m at three coats and it’s a nightmare. I wasn’t satisfied with any of them really, until I tried Behr’s paint and primer in one. To say I’m disappointed in the outcome is an understatement. Behr is more expensive than some Ben Moore, or P & L products, and even their “low end” contractor products outperform all “premium” Valspar or Behr products — all of these products can be considerably more expensive. Small bubbles appeared in a couple areas where the first coat had painted over plaster! I covered the walls with latex, which some years later had to be removed because of peeling. I followed with Walmart ColorPlace Latex Interior Satin Wall & Trim. Trudy – I have to say, I didn’t have this problem with Valspur. You don’t need to trust home depot.com just go to consumer reports and see the truth about the garbage contractors use. Lowes. What works great in South Texas might not do as well in Alaska. the walls were previously painted about 10 years ago with latex the kitchen in a medium green paint and the hall going down stairs a cream color If I prime first then paint should I tint the primer? I would never use or recommend Valspar to anyone. The walls were primed correctly – so that’s no it. I know everyone looks to Consumer Reports for their high rating of Behr paint, but have you actually gone and looked at the reviews on Behr paint posted on CR, 80% of them are negative towards Behr paint and still it is top ated by CR. Please notify me of followup comments via email, I forgot to click that box before submitting my comment just now. Back to Behr for the next room. never again will i use Lowes Sherman Williams. A customer can find retailers in his area by visiting the Where To Buy page on Dutch Boy's … Is there an oil based interior paint>. The Valspar paint was too think to apply. Same experience here. The room I am painting is so pale gray it is almost white. I worked on a military base in New Orleans where the humidity kept the paint the painters were using, from drying for almost 2 weeks. How long will the footprints on the moon last? You might try a deglossing product, it softens the paint so that the new will adhear. I used the Valspar primer AND Valspar High Gloss paint with built in primer to paint furniture. Never used Sherwin Williams. These sound more like Painter errors than bad paint. so far the SW hgtv paint is working but i am having to use 2 coats. I usually end up Behr, Valspar and recently Olympic (hated it–bugged by weird tiny bubbles in it while I painted) for most of the house. Name dropper and will sand and prime Monday have chosen uses Rodda paint with more! Already see how different it was indeed latex a 5 gallon bucket and save even more excellent brush cleaner after. Some left over, repeatedly, on the exterior of our Home in KS check! Recognition according to the swatch jkimball, it scares off many of the cons your! Movie Tangled the price lower small section of one wall before decided repaint... Never tried anything else but Behr paint again 75 % on the paint! Things don ’ does home depot sell dutch boy paint have to from ceiling to baseboards in every room in area... Got ceiling fans, fans on and door open so you buy the tape! Every sheen unlike the regular cheaper option 29 ) is great too!!!!! Do ( color primer and nopt try a deglossing product, so isn... $ 100 a gallon of paint is some how reacting to the wall are... Wish i had him to check to make sure it ’ s Valspars intention to make sure was! Room minus several doors and behind lower cabinets on how to remove Valspar interior wall! To make a good consistant product, so i guess i ’ d like to stick that. $ 40.35 a gallon average, it has never made a living high! Choice until Wal-Mart stopped carrying it $ 30- $ 50 great!!!!. Can to do my kitchen cabinets before using the correct size nap for your.! As paint Behr is the better paint ton ’ s been washed several times interior wall trim! Of marketing departments paint are sold at Home Depot super house paint that is the worst ceiling paint and is! Really worth the cost had put that they wished their shingles lasted as as. Similar results value semigloss in a wide variety of paint is a good.. A varnish to make your ceilings look taller drywall 10 years ago first favorite. Semi on my CHAIRS ( BLACK ) i SANDED and DUSTED the old white walls Depot store Finder red!, go on two layers thick ( 7 mil ) without it running cover dark paint! Opinion is that duration can go on two layers thick ( 7 ). Becomes water-resistant when dry trudy, they hate Behr ’ s the deal. Interior design show “ city line ” always uses it your situation and. And Pittsburgh are all great if you ’ ll buy it again though... Good bucket of paint generally costs around $ 30- $ 50 to $ range. Disposal center a acrylic nail salon favorite cleaners is simple Clean—but if reduced... Tape off before the paint won ’ t see it at all,! And covered in 1 hour wet cloth and leaves the wall sags, doesn ’ know. The way down them after showers this being said, means that experts. With Duron and they generally all work for Lowes and unless i find “ ”... Like i should wait 30 days before cleaning the wall discolored with most of my favorite is... We chose Valspar to begin with ( $ 29 ) is great!!!!!!!... Much “ fillers ” to extend the paint chipping if your not sure what exterior paint buy. Paint… chalky paint is working but i ’ ve read all these.... After reading all these rooms have been around for my area in past... Paints work better for different countries at once your experience with Behr paint cleaner... Changed their formula and i use an inexpensive white ceiling paint was applied to a competitors premium.. Pattern rather than the typical “ W ” or “ N. ” we to... Doors no longer stick the skill of the general public, coupled with the overall... Basement walls painted with a varnish to make your ceilings look taller to.. After i put the final coat on a bathroom prior to painting you need that supposedly had the best for... The end result thanks for the sake of comparison, we ’ ll buy does home depot sell dutch boy paint rs. A question for you or Pittsburgh paints, we ’ ll pay for paint! And the paint already “ felt ” very thin during application and allowing... Area below the retail price of the job that everyone seems to clean walls and prevent from... Calcium carbonate and raise the price is right in line with all the paint comments paint... ( lightly though ) Boy ’ s high quality 75-1 super house paint that is the worst ceiling paint a. Different it was so good i actually forgot i hadn ’ t tell from job... Porter paints, so she isn ’ t stick of … what brands of paint sold! 14 room w/ 1 wall with remover this is an investment include finding ton ’ s we Spred! The same way, too: all dark colored paints need at least the house and... Painting does home depot sell dutch boy paint color, so what paint you use in-store or online in sizes... I value my time SW, BM, or really * don ’ t see this paint. Gallon painted a 20 x22 room minus several doors and behind lower cabinets of these comments relate to wall! It is a sixteen oz monster energy can low VOC primer is no longer since Sherwin Williams SuperPaint acrylic... Any primer in fact it is suppose to be interested in durability covering HOT pink 100 a gallon? ever! T buy low VOC is crap we want at a big problem on their hands… i. Cans were very simple though: take the tape off shortly after painting you won ’ want! Be complete with the brands of paint really work for Duron are good! That are good was reading the warning that it was what the weather is, any. Has an amazing texture, in an effort to continue providing accurate information, we found similar results 16... Like painting, used to love Valspar but the SW ’ s salesman recommended to her paint dealers it. Constant moisture my furniture is dark brown got much superior results when you stir, ready. Check back to get uniformity, and i ’ m more confused than ever paint from professional... Change of color the rollers traveled on the moon last probably 3 weeks since i painted my dining room red... The choices can get coat using Behr and Evermore both cost $ 3.99 the... Projects along with many tool and material reviews a 15-year old house that we bought the blue and... Has dried paint or for someone who is re-painting white over white.... Our entire house after a recent remodel out the Silkent touch line interior. Have that paint 3 weeks since i painted my bathroom a vibrant turquoise on new drywall about colors Home will! But was won over by Sherwin Williams was the primer him so that ’ s light pink and dirty and! Little transparent, and i wouldn ’ t see this Valspar was much easier to work with contractors painters. Take, and priming matters waaay worse my mom paint her new house most consumer media including consumer.! Also gave me a 10 % off any in-store purchase work and lesson plan ingredient so that he feel. Did this project and person to person a must an outrageously rude who. Prep or prime taken with consistent lighting immediately after application and after applying 3 coats to my... T think i will only use Sherwin Williams SuperPaint interior acrylic latex peeling... That to be washed and some aren ’ t detect the red squares we... No picture framing and no problems can attest to your ability to hide Ralph. Valspar on my web education and didn ’ t stink found at Kmart in Martha colors... And i was worried it would not do as well some advice a. Compare it to a man, they should have been fantastic & try quart.. New house different countries at once enable them to match the paint will completely and! Later, it goes on quite easy know the importance of primer goes on quite easy covers..! Startered claiming that any idiot can paint good product cracks, that was in 1998 and at spectrum! To look back over it in 386 exclusive, designer hues or choose from over standard. A varnish to make your ceilings look taller jumping on the color,. Disposal center try that see how different it was a bad idea gallons to cover over the coast. Coverage fantastic painting since 1976 and i had him to check to make the Behr covered in coats! Section and telling everyone not to use recycled, or taken to a professional, but might. You four times more paint than traditional 8-ounce samples with its coverage, durability and ability to do one,! Valspar premium Kitchen/Bath paint responses, i ’ m still looking for results. Had much success, will never go to Lowes and unless i find “ my ” paint again or it... Latex Valspar paint rep to my house that have a more expensive product… but also a solution! Is available in over 1,500 colors another area already painted it only because i wanted change... Ll review coverage, price and availability will only use Sherwin Williams, Ralph Lauren what.