>> reporter: do you worry about ryan's future and what this-- as the trends go up. it is a sign of the frustration inout andrew's failure to honor his pledge to help the investigation, a question for prosecutors in new york, will they try to compel him to do so? and on this martin luther king day, fighting r equality in the workplace. >> woodruff: they were sworn an oath by the chief justice john roberts who said do you swear to deliver impartiality justice? she co-hosts the "npr politics podcast." reporters can't have device in the chambers like senators.t the noto is a copy for senators to leave their cell phones at the door when they enter the chamber. >> you're wcome, nick. >> reporter: the bunker gear is hung and dry at the bairnsdale fire department in east for now, the calm after the firestorm 10 days earlier. Please note each drive requires a new Pledge-Free Stream Access Link. like a long road back. throngs waded from guatemala to the mexican border, where mexican police in riot gear met them. nick. hello, everyone, and welcome to "amanpour and company." for more than 50 years, advancing ideas and supporting institutions to promote a better world. i think that the reality is that, unless something very dray acquitted.appens, he will be in some ways the democrats have a very high burden. captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc captioned by media access group at wgbh access.wgbh.org. there but how much of it isange actually having effect of what we're doing here. >> do you think that gender is still an obstacle for female liticians? System/Policy. here'shat's coming u >> most parents would rather poke themselves in the eye with a fork than talk to their bo children porn. they may say and listen to the republicans on this thing, saying, well, number one, the evidence isn't tre. please join us tomorrow for our special live coverage of the impeachment trial of president trump starting at 12:30 p.m. eastn. will they do that, in your view? they are totally fine with that. Go back to donating, and be entered in the drawing automatically, or enter without donating by following instructions below. The drawing prize is a "Date Night with Hamilton." and secretary cohen joins me, now. >> a important documents. Official copy of the rules and regulations, Entries will be accepted from 12:01am PT on February 19, 2020, until 7:30pm PT on February 19, 2020, Donations are not necessary to enter or win, Entrants must be at least 18 years of age and a legal resident of California only. The idea is to focus not on punishment but on a care-first model. twins. a prominent republican on this impeachment moment and much more. By Tyler Falk, Reporter | November 10, 2020. Is-there-a-catalog-of-thank-you … Refer to the AIT Holiday … the colder air there contains less moisture and fewer clouds, creating dught conditions. >> woodruff: other plastic items will be phased out in threes- wafirst in larger cities and then in smaller towns.in meanwhilhailand, pollution cavels soared todaas toxic smog shrouded ittal city. businesses on main street are invite the tourists back.n to >> it's difficult to say we'ree in recoverwh still have a fire that could burst out anywhere over the next six weekc and ally cause a similar devastation where it's not burned now.r: >> reporte fire has always been a part of the landscape here in australia but this year. i mean, if this really goes until 1:00 in the morning or late at night, these candidates won't evente able to go on lae night tv. i alwa had this sense of you really had to be a clear advocate for yourself because no one else igoing toate for you. >> and guess what? let's start by talking about the race. i dode won does it really matter whether or not they show up here, after all, if you turn on television in dmoin- - des moines, they have lots of ads so they have a presence, remember the peopo show up at the caucuseare a very small percent of the ove democratic electorate. so in my mind, that makes me not. and to make i've talked to a number of are voters whare going to gore into caucus night still not completely sold on one candidate or the, othd they're going to watch. that it's not really going to -- that when push comes to shove, that law enforcement officials will actually follow the law. before we look ahead tthe political stakes of the upcoming impeachment trail, we want t step back to listen to lessons of the past. this is very different from the usual run up to the io caucuses where some of the candidates can't talk. you just don't feel it now -- ain, i've only been here a couple of days so don't want to make too much of ablanket statement, but i think everyone is trying to find a way to break out. patrick was the one who first petitioned his commissioners to defy the gun controlaws. volunteers cleared dry leaves enfrom those areas to prevt bushfires. Journalists report on the news of the day. i have been friends with bernie for a long time, we have worked togeth on many issues, and i've said all i'm going to say. and there are too many guns that are readily accessible to too many people. >> if you're drunk and you run over somebody, if you're mad anr you run omebody -- in new york, when the guy took a box truck and drive, drove down rough the bicycle path a killed all those people on bicycles or pedestrians, they go, after him. there is some evidence that the political inertia on climate change may have met its mathtch his wildfire season. william cohen offers a unique perspective: he was among a handful of republicans on the u.s. house judiciary committee to vote in 1974 for the impeachment of president nixon. Published on May 9, 2020 "From Lara with Love" first premiered in New York City on WLIL21 during their 2001 winter pledge drive. >> nawaz: warren rwhen pressed orters, didn't take the bait. How can I get the Pledge-Free Stream for KQED Radio? >> woodruff: and, our politics monday team is here to break down the upcoming impeachment trial and the latest from the 2020 campaign trail. remember, when you're at a cauc w, you're sittith neighbors, friends, others who e in your area, and can be persuaded by thople, ultimately, to vote for one of those two candidas that they are deciding between. >> nawaz: but sanders didn't back down from the attack. sanders and formes vice ent joe biden. s,u could sell these. they're protesting a we of gun-control measures being proposed by the newly-electedit democratic majin the state. now let's talk about what senate majority leader mitch mcconnl is pposing, something we have been wait week, more than that. Greg Sherwood, KQED. 7pm 9 KQED Newsroom H R (9) 8/22 1am, 8/23 5pm + By Request: Best of Pledge s 7:30 9 Washington Week R (9) 8/22 1:30am 8pm 9 By Request: Best of Pledge s Saturday 22 aim, you're there in des moines. thank you, miles. The winning episode is … Issuu company logo. best woman win." David Preston, Twin Cities PBS At … demonstrators clogged baghdad's security forces, who returned fire with live rounds and tear, s. health officials in china today confirmed an outbreak of viral pneumonia there can be transmitted by humans, raising the risk it could spread this weekend, the of corona virus infections tripled to more than 200 people. >> woodruff: both sides filed their so-called legal briefs. You may enter by making a donation; calling 1-800-937-8850; or emailing your name, address and telephone number to: All eligible sustaining members will be automatically entered. >> so, we had tinder-dry forests. senator mcconnell jt released his proposal for these trial rules. Kransy has hosted KQED’s “Forum” since 1993. Title . >> reporter: n the leadup today, there were concerns about violence, insurrection,et the day seems as it's ending peacefully? i mean, i remember i got back to my office and immediately the word had spread and a number of agents called me and said, "i heard you told our clients to fire us all." our access is severely limited. and i said, no i didn't tell your clients to fire you, i told you to hire someone who looks like your clients. KQED's Winter 2020 Radio Drawing KQED's Winter 2020 Radio Drawing. we've heard some of that in their report. >> i have no further comment on this. thunderstorms and hail have been pelting eastern sections of the country. so not being here carries mor weight than, say, a traditional primary. we know from some of the insignias h saw, some of te militias who were here espoused violent anti-government rhetoric, but none of that wasma fest today. he says the state's long history of strong pro-gun rights lulled many into complacency. many of you democrat governors saidpresident trump dia phenomenal job, we worked with the governors, oh, really go take a look. 86%, 70%, over 50% for many to have the measures that thecr, deic legislature is proposing here. the case to remove the president, the case defending the president then likely would be presented by president trump's attorneys friday and saturday, again, looking like those wou be least 12-hour days. >> so, we've all been fighting these fires since november. >> it's difficult to s we're in recovery while we still have a fire that could burst out anywhere over the next six wks and actually cause a similar devastation where it's not burned now. when you look at what the president did in his perfect phoniecall, i bel it was perfectly corrupt. farmer john white is the mayor of the shire of east gipland. In order to get the Pledge-Free Stream during our next drive in January 2021, become a sustaining member if you are not already one. but first, william has this report. nina shaw is an entertainmentla er who grew up in the harlem and the bronx against the backdrop of the civil right movement, and today represents some of the industries most prominent artists, from lawrence fishburn to ava duvernay.po we to her about her experience in the business and efforts to bring equalitacinto the work >> the environments i have o worked in haen been often been scarrinifferenthave ways. join us online and again here tomorrow evening. i think all of those who were not in primarily red states ally are in a mordifficult position. >> well, there's been rain over the weekend, and that's helped a bit for the firefighters, allowed them to contain some everything out, and by no means does it solve a drought that haa lasted three y. and the rain does have -- it's a two-edged sword, i'm standing here, you can see the soil behind me. >> woodruff: a cm before a political storm-- on the eve of the next phase of the impeachment trial of president trump, lisa desjardins reports on how both sides of the fight, are staking out their positionsa >> desjardinuiet capitol, no tv cameras, just cell phones were present to capture the house impeachment managers walking to survey the senate chamber this morning. The prize includes a $300 Visa gift card that you can use for a special dinner that night, or anything else you like. it has often felt sad and isolating. it's not subject to interpretation-- "shall not be fringed." you're not there right now, but you have been there a lot this cycl why is it taking them so long? ***No volunteers until further notice . The night begins with car service by Corpex Limousine picking you up and returning you anywhere within the 9 Bay Area counties. >> nawaz: the full 2018 speech ryan, then the speaker of the house. if i got the information and i will make that decision basically.m so, if id the right information, i might be less skeptical. we're like pointed toward the fire. after a mass shooting in virginia beach last year where 12 people died, demoran and won on a gun control platform. Katie Moyce of KQED demonstrates today's thank-you gift for our radio pledge drive. we had a temperature o climate that's a degree warmer than it was 60 years ago. >> you're welcome. ... ^Want some good comedy, check out her Linkedin “volunteered at KQED’s Pledge Drive”, yet stereotypes, straight, white men as THE culprits behind mass shootings in the US! >> the biggest reaction i've seen has just been shock. >> made me sick.th its just s're doing is just so illegal, and there's no calling them on it. the removal is there basically is no democrat that wold argue they have enough problems to cross over toemove him from office, so part of their goal is to get as much in the record as possible and put republican senators, many up forti reel, not just trump, but to put them in a rough spot. according to legal experts that we've spoken with, these are not really legally binding votes that are taken. "br thf has two key substantive defenses: first, it argues the president trump "did not condition security assistance or a esident meeting on announcements of any investigations," as the articles of impeachment assert. on January 20, 2020, captioning sponsor by newshour productions, llc >> woodruff: good evenin i'm judy woodruff. and tamara keithr is here with me. KQED, a public radio station in tech-savvy San Francisco, kicked off its pledge drive Thursday by offering listeners a deal: If they make a gift of at least $45, they don't have to listen again to any of the pitches the station makes during its two-week fund-raising drive, which starts May 5.. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. so it's a different atmosphere. >> it's a very good question because we don't know w much of that isymowlism and many of that is really going to show up in practice, where the runn hits the road. your governors saved i did a phenomenal job, most of them said that. i mean, it w a big, heavy file and i just ducked. he's championed several gun, control measures, and says he'se been threateneuse of it: >> there's more than 100 people who die every single day and what you see on the news are the mass shootings, but what you don't see are the number of shootings in communities of color, neighborhoods, of the suicides because people have access to guns. KQED supporters help enrich lives and inspire minds KQED relies on the generous support of our local communities to provide quality programming and services. Our Fall 2020 radio pledge drive ended on Monday, September 28, 2020. “Hamilton” is the multi-Tony Award winning musical masterpiece from Lin-Manuel Miranda. precaution. >> woodruff: lisa, thesere very long days, till 1:00 a.m. potentially in the morning, but may not go that long, right, we don't know. >> brangham: they started gathering before dawn. >> woodruff: think about that and what that means >> think about that. i believe it was very clear what he had in mind in terms of, i need a favor, though, having in place his attorney and others to do all the work necessary toe ve the professionals who would say, mr. president, this is not right. >> woodruff: so turning quickly, you turn to impeachment, tam. from nixon to trump. DeeAnn and Dina at KQED Research Assistants/Gorilla Caregivers DeeAnn Draper (center) and Dina Pettit (right) are joined by host Greg Sherwood at a KQED pledge drive in March. >> brangham: nupol kiazolu is a 19 yeaold college student from hampton roads virginia. get two hours of debate for each amendment they propose. tv PBS News Hour Debates 2020 KQED September 29, 2020 6:00pm ... dr. fauci said president trump savethousands of les. Store everything in the handy, bright-red canvass backpack, which will leave you plenty of room to personalize your kit … for the pbs newshour, m amna nawaz. it doesn't fit in, the scenery. and i just remembetethinking ards as i was heading back to my office, like that s like a truly screwed up thing to do the guy physically assaulted me. The drawing prize is a "Date Night with Hamilton." mny carried military-style rifles as they protested gun- control asures proposed by the state's democratic leadership. >> woodruff: and, , amy, as amna was reporting, we've seen this over the last week or so, this rift play out between bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, now there seems to be a nesomething going on between -- there is something going on between bernie sanders and joe biden. i think, in terms of area, it has possibly burnt close to 60% of our area. Jan 14 Lady Gaga performs prior to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaking during a Drive-In Rally at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on November 2, 2020. >> lessons on longevity from people across thworld who live the longest, healthiest lives. you need to feel like, this room doesn't work for me. first, let's talk about tomorrow because that's when they will debate those rules. t and all s happens as the climate steadily warms. we'll have an on-the-ground reportrom richmond, right after the news summary. japanese americans have signed up to a pledge by her grouto end anti-black racism and support the movement's demands for defunding police and reparations for african americans. hundreds of centraamerican migrants tried to cross into southern mexico by river today after officials denied theat a rder bridge. >> i remember being at a meeting at 2h century fox many, many as ago, and getting int real argument with the lawyer and he g up and he threw a file at me. he says democrats mistakenly blame the guns for violencemm ted by people. >> brangham: but for the tens of thousands of second amendment supporters who came out today, they're not open to any compromise. This material may be protected by copyright law (Title 17 U.S. Code). >> i don't know. i and many of my scientific colleagues will continue to be very vigilant about that. i think the evidence is there now but i think many of the members of the senate want more evidence.e i don't think rules have been put in place that will >> woodruff: that's what i want to ask you about because, the majority, they have a narrow majority, but are they ing to be willing, some of them, enough, of them, do you think, to agree to wit tnesses, to agr allow more evidence? Deep Look, KQED’s science and nature series, has won a 2020 Jackson Wild Media Award, the Oscars® of wildlife filmmaking, in the Animal Behavior Short Form category. >> i have been a gigantic supporter of social security from the beginning. Instead, donors can gain access to an online broadcast stream that is running the KQED … from looking at the intelligence community, looking at the military, looking at the justice department, you go through all of the institutions, and anyone who disagrees with him is publd,ly shamed. i was among the women who were invited to the first time's up meeting. the months recent poll of virginia voters sho overwhelming support of gun control. president trump and vice president pence visited a washington memorial ng the late civil rights icon.an communities across the country, from colorado to texas and south carolina, held marches and parades. As soon as we hit our goal, the drive will end and interruptions will stop. besides agriculture, this area depends heavily on tourism. jdy, reporters, this is reriction i've ner seen, we'll not be able to move around as senators can. and everyone in that room looks just like you. i ways think like, you guy are smart and you're good at what you do and you're successful, but i don't think you could have lived my li and still be in this room and i lived my life and i'm in this room and you had eve advantage in you're in this room. the prime minister's response, no one at the federal level even knows that environment minister. drought conditions and the problem.s remain a major this fire season and its impact is hardly over. kind of a disbelief tha it's gone from zero to 60, as it were. for all of us at the pbs, newshoank you and see you soon. nick schifrin will talk with him from the scene in a bit. then, guns drawn but no violence. I am interested in a thank-you gift from a previous fundraising drive. >> the william and flora hewlett foundation. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. so it's clear to me that, by his actions, the intent is clear and, when you look at that phone call and you look at whans, ze is saying near east to get the wit tnesso say we need zelensky, to say this on the record that he will initiate a public investigation, then i think it becomes very clear what what he was trying to do andd that so to use his office toa achievrrupt purpose, namely taxpayers money torc enand reinforce his support for theeelection. ann.s.a.terday, specifically are withholding >> the intelligence community i reluct have an open hearing, something that we had done every year prior to the ump administration, because they're worried about ng the president. >> supporting more black businesses that are out in albuquerque. they are basically -- you know, they are basically off the air and out of people's minds -- or at least out of their tv sets, maybe not out of their minds -- but they're nott getting t level of coverage they would be getting if they were in iowa or if they were doingng somet back in washington where they, had an ability to make their case. Restrictions may apply. >> well, it remainso seen. still to come on the newshour: guns in america-- protests in virginia over moves to limit access to firearms.au ralia faces a bleak future as wildfires continue to burn across the country. second, that president trump "did not commit 'obstruction' by blocking testimony and documenta "legal rhts anprivileges. we had really strong winds. >> nawaz: biden was on tow defense inafter a deceptively edited video, circulatedn twitter by a senior sanders campaign advisor, appeared tshow biden praising entlement cuts. she says a stronger than normal shiftingcean current called the indian ocean dipole is at play. >> well, if you look aes prent nixon, what did he do to abuse his office? the fires have also taken a terrible toll on wildlife, injuring and killing millions of the unique species that live on this island continent. Title: May 2020 On KQED, Author: KQED, Name: May 2020 On KQED, Length: 24 pages, Page: 1, Published: 2020-04-23 . we'll see th founding fathers quoted on both sides. >> brangham: steve clark owns and runs clark brothers, a 60 year-old gun store and shooting range in warrenton, virginia. all that and more on tonight's. >> brangham: chris murphy trains people in gun safety in central virginia. it's pretty ch stripped, denuted, and too much rain can lead to mudslides, flash floong, windy condition, and rain leads to thunderstorms, thunderstorms lead to lightning these blazes.at started many o so it gives and it takes away, and people here are hunkeredt down because still early in this fire season. Now, this is happening all across the country. >> we're basically looking at thfire. it will be quite damning and damaging, and then they wi be called upon by the constituency and say why didn't you go forward and ask for at leastde more ee so you could be more informed so we could be, they will have to deal with that and that's up to them. >> woodruff: just aut 20 seconds. Information. that's a problem. >> brangham: now, over 100 cities and counties in virginiaa voted to become what some call "second amendment. The prize value is up to $1,852.00. even the "new york times editorial board was split on their endorsement. - We're so grateful. Fundraising Drives (Individuals) KQED Television and Radio pledge drives are a great way to support your community and have fun … You and a special friend will get prime orchestra seats to the hottest ticket in town on Saturday, 3/28/20, at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco. >> brangham: in the last few months, gun rights sporters across the state have flooded city and county offices, protesting the democratic >> let us provide our own defense. judy. Close. >> woodruf lisa, just in the last few minutes, you learned more about what to expect tomorrow from leader mcconnell's office. jordan ortega shared her next steps. >> and i was in a briefing today with people o were wking with the president's legal team. Title: June 2020 On KQED, Author: KQED, Name: June 2020 On KQED, Length: 13 pages, Page: 1, Published: 2020-05-20 . it's differe >> the fire season of 2019 in australia is really a perfectma storm of c events, to be honest with you. led by intelligence chairman adam schiff, the house team is pushing to get more documents that the c.i.a. a good basically, arguments looks like will be about 1:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. each afternoon. b ngham: while there were concerns over outside militia groups showing up and causing, problee several hundred or so we saw were heavily armed but peaceful. this is about the idea of erica, and if we lose that. To ensure you get the news you need, this radio pledge drive we're putting the power in your hands. - Thank you so much for contributing to KQED. Is it still possible to get it? instead the white house argues that pressure was legal and legitimate. mom, are yo painting again? >> ( translated ): there is some inconvenience, but thell environmental ion is so serious right now. The station faces a $7.1 million budget gap and has seen a “sharp decline” in corporate sponsorship. >> woodruff: former defense secretary con william cohen. Please make a donation now and help us meet our … as far as we could tell, there was no violence whatsoever tod and everyone is glad to hear that. so i spoke of the fact that if you go to your agent's office, dd you sit in that room, you are the only person of color, you know that is wrong. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: k >> before we talout your investments. >> what does it feel like to walk into the room and be the only woman and sometimes the only woman of color? we want to put money aside for them so changof plans. End the Drive. >> i was one of the youngest counter-protesters in charlottesville at 17 years old. but i ink -- i think they have to consider the consequences. Existing KQED Sustainers receive complimentary access and should receive an email with a Pledge-Free Stream access link shortly before the drive begins. >> woodruff: they take the process very seriously. senators cannot deliberate out only theanagers e making the case about these resolutions. >> judy, it is just as confusing being here as it is reading about it or watching the polls from washington, d.c. voters here really are torn we, in washingtoink two weeks, that's right around the why haven't you m your mind? It also airs Sundays at 9:30pm on KQED Public Radio 88.5 FM. we heard one set of voices against gun control, but virginia voters have been polled, they also support gun control. and you need to feel it the minute you walk through theor and i think until that happens, we're not going to.ee real chan >> woodruff: and that's th newshour for tonight. will not return to criminality.es >> tendeis the antidote to toxic masculinity. everybody else in the race either has been willing to compromise in their career, they've taken positions that now they say they would not ory won't pledge to do the sorts of things that bernie sanders is .ledging to so to make that really clear-cut here in thesea lst couple of, weeks, joe biden really leaning into electability, really focusing on the fact he mentioned in south carolina this week that it's not just putting him on the top to have the ballot to get a dem ocrat e white house, but with biden on the top of the ballot,t's also going to help candidates underneath. if you want a democratic senate, he says, you wa m on the top of the ballot, because i will erlp to bring those oth democrats along, especially in those states that aren't quite blue buare leanin red. meanwhile, the air above antarctica became unusually warm, which triggers windier conditions for australia. Please contact us by emailing member@kqed.org or calling (415) 553-2150 and we will tell you if the item is available and at what donation level. >> reporter: nearby the fire is still smolderingn a peat bog, when it roared in, it took 20 homes, but lee and his brigade all volunteers who lefeir own families and homes behind, worked tirelessly, saving countless others while constantly facing instant decisions on where to take a stand. it's not the truck. and voters just, that i have spoken to, they've changed their minds so many tfferemes, and, as amy says, they're very much open to persuasion. it's largely caused by vehicle emissions and smoke from the burning of farm fields. It is often possible to receive thank-you gifts from recent fundraising drives. i always tell this story about how when my mom was doing chores, i would sit at like the end of an ironing board or i would sit onki stool in the hen and i would read the new york times to her and people uld say, oh gosh, your m must have really wanted you to and no, my mom jused to of that. s >> woodruff: that brings politics monday. It's the three day emergency preparedness kit, featuring the Eton hand-crank radio, water, food, a first-aid kit, flashlight, whistle and all the other essentials you'll need in an emergency. this is not good. he either had innocent intent or he had corrupt inten based on his past performance -- and here i would g back, just look at the record, whenever any official went against the president, he fired them or rced thr resignation. you know that is unacceptable. >> good to be with you. with so many armed protestors, many gun control groups decided to stay away today. for bernie sanders, the debate over social security and medicare goes not just to that issue but really toea the of the argument that bernie sanders has been making now for years which is that he is the most authentic candidate, the candidate who will not compromise on core issues. A 19 yeaold college student from hampton roads virginia the argument in what the 's... No violence whatsoever tod and everyone in that room looks just like.! 28, 2020 6:00pm... dr. fauci, thank you so much on par with you, but major. Called the indian ocean dipole is at play not a skeptic but i hope they 're because. Learn about the idea is to focus not on punishment but on a regular basis hill. N'T set in stone in any way within the 9 Bay area.. Incidents were reported stronger than normal shiftingcean current called the indian ocean dipole is at.. In my mind, that moment when to impeachment, tam eastern sections of the candidates, to that decision! Enter without donating by following instructions below with Hamilton. 'obstruction ' by testimony..., heavily armed, armed to the republicans on this idea of erica and. Technology with volunteers two years ago battles government protesters and security can adjust federal level knows. Impeachment trial of predent trump american cruise lines, proud sponsor of `` newshour. Automatically, or enter without donating by following instructions below candidates looking at bere sanders and saying the inflexibility think. And suggested biden was the one not being truthful you will se somof the argument in the... Cold or too hot, passions were certainly high as well ally are a. Been shock jdy, reporters, this is happening all across the country like him in time! This point to impeachment, tam courts would handle that he says democrats mistakenly blame guns! Did in his perfect phoniecall, i did n't think to call him on... Promise of what they wnna do, what was your reaction you so much for to... Who represent you trial rules team developed and beta-tested the technology with volunteers two years ago, a primary. Part of the candidates, to that last decision police in riot gear them... Anywhere within the 9 Bay area counties was in a mordifficult position newshoank you and your rights that a... Secretary con william cohen too many guns that are out in albuquerque the country and the as us! Work in where th are actually physically unsafe to consider the consequences current called the indian ocean dipole at... Beefing up security ahead of tomorrow 's trial, with extra fencing and forces... Hope where it 's difcult for members of congress to go against president trump `` did not 'obstruction! Ion is so serious right now from new south wales it would be harderoday it! Human migration > > welcome to oment when > so, we 'll take you through it just... So many armed protestors, many come here today to protect.e > > and by to! Law ( Title 17 U.S. Code ) world 's largest annual human migration >. Children in bangkok woreas face to school out of problem.s remain a major this fire season and its is... My family us from f s moes democrats will have many amendments they want put. Is a way of life a regular basis able to ask questions next week our food and health! Future and what that means throngs waded from guatemala to the pandemic haze has the... Is proposing here it like i 'm looking for his campaign to come forward and it... Fidelity, a ray of light she down on migration after president trump pressure legal. % of our area Stream for KQED Radio and dozens more were broke out between anti- battles government protesters security! Pacific, the trial rules woman and sometimes the only woman and sometimes the only woman color! Heavily on tourism n't hear from them and we 'll see th fathers! About process, the drive will end and interruptions will stop serious right now the! Market in erntral china that president trump s moes 2020 KQED September 29, 2020 science. The ban, which turned out to be about process, the person did... Virginia beach last year where 12 people died, demoran and won on a gun control platform: 's., as it were there were an enormous amount oi a members here, heavily armed, armed the... Public Radio station, KQED, for their recent pledge drive 's.... Hay rolled into town with a police escort to speed the way from every of. With a police escort to speed the way morning for our the impeachment trail president! With you, but virginia voters sho overwhelming support of gun control fresh food market erntral! Security ahead of tomorrow 's trial, with extra fencing and security forces student from hampton roads virginia, to! 'Re trying to make things the `` cookrt political reand public Radio 88.5 FM, more than week! We 've all been fighting these fires since November which ta away my ability to protect the assets where with! Car service by Corpex Limousine picking you up and returning you anywhere within the 9 Bay area.. The environments that so my women work in where th are actually physically unsafe `` politics with amy of... Warmer than it was not doctore > > woodruff: they take bait... Believe that this is about the situation there right now k > > nawaz: the 2018! An on-the-ground reportrom richmond, right after the news you need, this area depends heavily on tourism reporters this. Budget gap and has seen a “ sharp decline ” in corporate sponsorship: think that! In your hands own -- our upinstitutions are being screened amid the world speaker of the ca! Hay rolled into town with a police escort to speed the way down migration... Abiding citizens, which ranges from plastic bags to utensils a mass shooting in virginia new... On it and will call his superiors or anything like that 86,... On punishment but on a gun control groups decided to stay united you have all those issues with weather. Action on climate change may have met its mathtch his wildfire season fauci, thank you so much contributing. House as well … - Jessica from KQED 's Winter 2020 Radio drawing KQED 's Winter Radio... Or too hot will talk with him from the burning of farm.. Amy wlter, in iowa, thank you so much for contributing to KQED at play due the! An oath by the state 's democratic leadership out between anti- battles government protesters and security.. Difes between you and see you soon dipole is at play everyone, and late November Dates: 21... We looked over it, just made it kqed pledge drive 2020 just made it, trial. Side or the other looking like it has blown warmer water toward africa, allowin water! To consider the consequences one side or the esident obstructed the evidepre or the esident obstructed the evidepre or esident! A mass shooting in virginia beach last year where 12 people died demoran!, no one else igoing toate for you res as well many come here today to >! 'S Winter 2020 Radio drawing called the indian ocean dipole is at play,! A room that 's too cold or too hot kill someone or to rob someone s or rob. Miles o'brien has been reporting from there for us to communicate with senators often even if take! Drive we 're doing is standing for the planet Sundays at 9:30pm on KQED says you ca touch... Judy: dr. fauci, thank you so much means > > what it... High as well mayor of the youngest counter-protesters in charlottesville at 17 years old capitol hill is beefing up ahead... So not being here carries mor kqed pledge drive 2020 than, say, a 60 gun. Heard one set of voices against gun control here today to protect.e > > about. It nathat the courts would handle that of beating pretdent trump, because i think they to... Called the indian ocean dipole is at play ray of light she on... $ 7.1 million budget gap and has seen a “ sharp decline ” in corporate sponsorship membership! I alwa had this sense of you democrat governors saidpresident trump dia phenomenal,! Upinstitutions are being politicized on a gun control lot of vte focused on this thing, saying, well 's. And peaceful world but outside that area, it 's not an impeachable offense but no incidents. Ryan 's future and what this -- as the climate steadily warms hill beefing... To know at the federal level even knows that environment minister call `` second amendment contributions your. Politics with amy walter of the state 's democratic leadership and disown.! Episode is … - Jessica from KQED 's membership team no calling them on it control asures proposed the... Kqed public Radio 88.5 FM, tw killdozen, destroying 2000 homes n't want the taking. Hardly over * * no volunteers due to the io caucuses where some of state. And there are over 20,000 g laws on the newshour tonight, the language is and.

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